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There is only two words to say about the drybuddy flex bedwetting alarm system is that "it works." We have tried so many other types of bedwetting alarms. From a pad to to wired brick that attaches to his arm. This was the only system that helped my son through his horrendous bedwetting issues. We bought the bedshaker and the wireless alarm. They are portable when we went to Walt Disney world we were able to take with us. Yes, he even wet one of... Read more

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It works great. I spent 29.99 from their website and the alarm work wonderfully within three weeks we started seeing results and now after three months her confidence is beaming through. It seems that if you were expecting an instant solution the Dry Buddy Ez ain't for you, but if you actually work the alarm it will solve the problem. About four weeks into the use of the alarm I had to call their support, and this nice guy talked me through the... Read more

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Here are 7 mistakes parents make when purchasing a drybuddy bedwetting alarm from enuresis solutions 1. Believe the nonsense the company puts together to sell the product. 2. Trust the fake, manipulated reviews across the internet promoting drybuddy 3. Act irrational and agree to spend $ on a children's product 4. Buy drybuddy and wait impatiently to receive it. 5. Convince your child to use drybuddy. 6. Hope your child stops bedwetting; even... Read more

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This bedwetting alarm broke within the first two days we had it. We had to send it back for a replacement bedwetting alarm. The bedwetting alarm is a dud and terrible. When my daughter gets hot or sweats it gives a false alarm. When she wets at night, it doesn't go off. We have been using the alarm for over 5 months with no measure of success to this point. My daughter sleeps right through even when turned to the loudest setting. She is... Read more

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I can't believe I got sucked into purchasing this product. Don't believe a thing the company says. They lie and lie through their teeth. For proof, I have attached product photos as well. This is such a poorly made product that the manufacturer should think twice before selling it to the public. They only intend to cheat parents by charging them dollars for something that costs a fraction of the price to make. Poor business practice and very... Read more

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I got the DryBuddyFLEX from DryBuddy while in the U.S. and immediately took it abroad to use it with my son. It worked beautifully. When I had a question I emailed DryBuddy and got an answer within 10 minutes. That is great service. I find the DryBuddyFLEX to be a unique bedwetting alarm system. My research showed that no-one else has anything close to this. I m so happy with it, that I had to write my praise of the DryBuddyFLEX and the company... Read more

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This company falsely advertises about a making the best bedwetting alarm in the market. All false claims. Their product is really a garage door opener that is modified to work like a wake up clock. Anyway, I fell for their advertising on Google and ordered it. I got nothing for 2 weeks. Then I called them and they said it was shipped but could not provide me a tracking number and hung up. After several voice mails and emails telling them that I... Read more

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