This company falsely advertises about a making the best bedwetting alarm in the market. All false claims. Their product is really a garage door opener that is modified to work like a wake up clock.

Anyway, I fell for their advertising on Google and ordered it. I got nothing for 2 weeks. Then I called them and they said it was shipped but could not provide me a tracking number and hung up. After several voice mails and emails telling them that I would dispute, they sent me a used product. It was used, because it had fingerprints on it. I called them and they said it was an error and they sent me a prototype of a new product they would introduce. They told me to ship it back to them. I did, but they didnt refund my money.

I have disputed with the credit card company. These guys are a sham business running out of a small house in GA. Beware. They are known to cheat customers. Its all over the web.

Dry buddy is a NO BUDDY.

Take your lies elsewhere. I only want help for my son and i got cheated of $200. So cheap and shameful. You guys are the worst.

Should have bought something from a more reputable company that sells such products.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #682658

well, doesn't this lend a whole new insight into pissed consumer!

Santa Clara, California, United States #613958

Ha Ha Ha!


Are you are still employed by the bedwettingstore.com? They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for people who are as disingenuous as you obviously are.

You must have a very poor opinion of everyone else in this world to imagine them to accepted the whacked out nonsense that you are spouting.

It wouldn't surprise me if you have been claiming such nonsense ever since the bedwettingstore got scared about competition from DryBuddy! :cry

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #591509

Drybuddy is the alarm that my wife decided to by after the Dry-me broke in June and Malem's sensor broke is August. It been working well since late August.

I think your full of CrXp. 8)


Another display of accelerating philistinism and deceit from the great minds at bedwettingstore.com near Bethesda, Maryland . Giddyup!

Dallas, Texas, United States #590668

Same story here.

The product is junk. It broke in days.

I called the company but they refused to exchange.

The crazy owner started yelling at me. This company should be reported to the BBB.

Worst experience ever.

Bad News
to Cash #591477

I just finished answering to this bedwettingstore.com shill elsewhere. She (I think she) is definitely talking nonsense.

Do you even THINK about what you are saying, or do you just get paid by the blurb?

Any impartial person like me can read the nonsense here. :roll


Same thing happened to me with the DryBuddy system.

Its complete waste of money and the company is unprofessional. :(

I lost over $200. I will also write about them.

In searching for a good bedwetting alarm, I came across bedwettingstore.com

They have an amazing range of products to chose from. Check them out. I got my alarm from there and it works great... I think it is a Malem or soemthing like that.....

to Helen Greenville, South Carolina, United States #591410

Such an obvious shill for the bedwettingstore.com . Yuk!

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